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Ceramic Wax- created for detailing enthusiasts. 

We would like to introduce a product called Ceramic Wax, due to containing about 30% of ceramic ingredients. 

(Remember, this doesn’t make that the wax has the durability of ceramic coatings!)

When we was creating the product, we focused on giving you the pleasure of the application. The wax is very easy to apply.
Thanks to our innovative formula, you can afford to apply a thicker layer without fear of lapping difficulties.
Another convenience is the possibility of easy and pleasant work, without the fear of drying the product on the surface (you can leave the leaping of the wax until the next day).
To make your work really enjoyable, the wax has a fantastic fragrance.
Ceramic Wax is suitable for layering, which means that 24 hours after applying the first layer, we can apply another or several ones.
An additional characteristic feature of Ceramic Wax is the trouble-free application at different temperatures.

If the features we have listed are important to you, you will enjoy using our Ceramic Wax. 



After applying and lapping the wax, you will get good paint protection, a fantastic hydrophobic effect, filling in micro-scratches and a skid for easy washing of the vehicle. The depth of the colour that Ceramic Wax will leave on the varnish will impress you.
The durability of the product strongly depends on the preparation of the surface, the intensity of use and the method of washing the car.
We have shown in tests that a well-prepared surface extends its life dozen times.
In the case of a professional paint preparation (full decontamination + correction) and the application of two layers, it allows you to enjoy the protection of the paint for months.
However, applied in a standard way (well-washed, degreased varnish) - durability up to several months.

How to prepare the varnish?

As we wrote above, the life of the wax, but also the quality of its operation, depend, among other things, on the preparation of the varnish.
If you want the product work properly, it is worth preparing the surface well:

- washing, decontamination (removal of tar, metallic particles, etc.)
- paint correction if necessary.

You have prepared the car so you can proceed to waxing.
Make sure that the varnish is perfectly sterilized, using our Pre Wax Cleaner.

Time is not a problem with Ceramic Wax. You can safely apply the wax part by part without fear of drying on the varnish. For wax application, we recommend our ERGO series applicators, which are made of a soft, non-scratching foam.
We should also remember to use protective gloves, as the solvents contained in the wax may irritate the skin.

Apply the wax dry, you can slightly moisten the applicator if necessary. In order to make working with the wax pleasant and make the applicator slides on the varnish well, it is worth applying more wax to the applicator at the beginning, thoroughly rubbing it into a foam.

You also don't have to worry about applying excess wax. It will not significantly affect its subsequent polishing (it will only extend the working time)
We apply the wax with circular and cross movements to make sure that it covers the car body thoroughly.
Waxing a car takes 1 to 2 hours of work on average. After this time, we can start polishing, using delicate microfibers (we need max 2-3 fibers).
Wax polishing can also be done a few - several hours after application, and immediately apply the next layer.
After applying the wax, protect the vehicle against rain (water) for about 24 hours.

To enjoy the hydrophobic effect longer, it is worth following the rules of safe washing.

Remember to wash your car by hand, using the two-bucket method, using PH neutral chemicals. If the hydrophobic effect disappears, we recommend applying our QD, which will enhance this effect.

Store tightly closed container in a cool place.
If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical attention.

Thank you for choosing our product. We hope you will enjoy working with it.