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Is a strong and effective cleaning product. It removes soiling and stains from smooth leathers. Thanks to its strong formula, it is able to deal with neglected leathers and safely restore their original colour. Neutralises unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, human sweat, kitchen odours, etc. Leather fragranced product.

Product characteristics:

  • specialist preparation for cleaning smooth car leather (also ventilated), furniture and leather goods

  • especially recommended for heavily soiled, bright upholstery

  • ready to use

  • slightly alkaline pH

  • pleasant fragrance

  • safe for cleaned surfaces if used as recommended

  • the product should not be used for rough leather: nubuck, suede, velour, aniline leathers


  • gently and thoroughly vacuum the surface

  • shake before use

  • Leather Cleaner should be used with a foam generator

  • apply the foam with a brush or sponge

  • clean with circular or crossover movements, depending on the surface

  • clean larger elements in several stages, over smaller fragments

  • control the cleaning process, depending on the degree of soiling, rinse the brush/sponge in clean water

  • remove any remaining product with a damp microfiber cloth

  • wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth

  • after cleaning the surface with Leather Cleaner, we recommend the application of Leather Conditioner (matt or satin) to preserve and give the leather elasticity


  • before first use, test the product in a less visible place

  • protect your hand skin during application; the product may cause skin irritation; use protective gloves/clothing/eye protection/face protection

  • wash your hands thoroughly after use

  • store in a dry and cool place at 5–25°C

  • do not expose to freezing or overheating

  • do not leave to dry out on a surface

  • keep out of reach of children

  • product for professional use