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BAD BOYS One Step Polishing Paste 250G

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Effectively reduces paint defects such as scratches, swirl marks, holograms. The paste is an innovative combination of grains with abrasive and finishing properties, thanks to which it removes even deep paint defects and finishes the surface at the highest possible level of gloss. The paste works with any type of pad, from woolen, microfiber pads, to spongy pads, thanks to which it gives a wide possibility of adjusting the cutting force and surface finishing. The product has been enriched with a fragrance composition, which will make your work even more pleasant. It does not contain silicones and fillers, and dusting during machine polishing has been reduced to a minimum.



By hand- apply the paste on the applicator, polish until the effect sprinkles. Pate residue with a microfibre to remove. 

Machine polishing by orbital or rotary polisher with appropriate application hard polishing pads. The optimum speed range for a rotary polisher 600 - 1800 rpm. Optimal oscillation range for orbital polisher 3000- 4500 rpm. Remove the paste residue with a microfiber.



  • shake before use 
  • do not expose to freezing, overheating, or UV radiation
  • store in a dry, cool place at 15-25°C/ 59-77°F
  • we recommend new, dry sponges to work with the paste
  • check suitability before using the product (24 months)
  • product for professional use; keep out of reach of children
  • the product may be irritant to skin
  • use protective gloves/clothing/eye protection/face protection
  • make sure that the surface is cool
  • after work, keep the sealed bottle
  • read the instructions before use